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See All the Stars

The sky is so dark that you can see your shadow by the light of the Milky Way.   Or, in scientific numbers, on a scale of 15 (downtown Chicago) to 22 (Sierra Madre Mtrn in southwest US), ours are 22.  They were measured with a  Unihedron SQM-L Sky Quality Meter.

We have no light pollution found at our secluded location 4 miles south of Galena. The surrounding 500-ft ridges protect us from the lights from Dubuque, Galena, Elizabeth, Hanover and Bellevue.  

During summer, the tree frogs sing their little hearts out.  Joined by bullfrogs, whip-poor-wills, raccoons and an occasional hoot owl.

The only lights are 1-watt LEDs at the entry to each cabin.  The rest is supplied by Mother Nature.  

On a night with "good seeing," the stars are clear, crisp and have no twinkle.  Why? Those surrounding 500-ft ridges are protecting even gentle breezes from interfering with our star-gazing.

About an hour after dusk, the night sky is awesome!

If you are afraid of the dark, this is not for you.

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